Windows 10 IOT - software?

Michael N6MST

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Hope this helps...
Very much so, thanks! I don't even really know what IOT Core is and I figured asking here might get me some answers. Now if someone would just put together contest/logging software for Linux OS's that is easy to use I would be set!

Thanks Marty :)


Hey Michael,

I don't think that you would be getting what you are wanting with Windows 10 IoT Core.  It really only supports UAP (Microsoft's Universal App Platform) which does include DirectX, AXML and HTML.  Otherwise, there is no GUI interface.  You can remote into it using PowerShell remoting but there is a somewhat limited set of Windows commands you can run.

Windows 10 IoT is really an embedded version of Windows 10 for working with hardware sensors and associated types of equipment, not running apps...

Pi's do work rather well with Linux Ham apps though!  Hope this helps...

73 de Marty, AD0PO

Michael N6MST

I don't use Windows, but I thought I might get a Raspberry Pi 4B with 4gb of ram, install Windows 10 IOT Core, and use N1MM and a WinKeyerUSB. But I don't know how to install software on this particular OS or if it is even possible. Has anyone installed software on a Windows 10 IOT Core system?