Re: Morse Code Tutor PCB


Excellent work Bruce!  I think having all components mounted on a single board is the best way to do this, especially for group builds.  My 16 conductor ribbon cable wiring harness allows flexibility for placing the controls, but it takes a lot of time consuming work.  I knew there was no chance of having that harness wired up from scratch in a group build, so I prepared them ahead of time (50 sets, took me days to finish).  And I did not do a whole lot of documentation since the build was going to be supervised.  Your instructions and parts list is what is needed.

Although I still have some of my 'classic' PC boards for sale, I think that new builders should use your design.
My board began life as a simple way to facilitate the group build and turned into a bit more of a project than I intended.
Thank you for the enhanced software and now the pcb!

Dave, KI4PSR

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