Re: suggestion if you are struggling with the STM32 board #morsecodetutor #mct

David Leckie



Bit confused with tone libraries.

I can get it to compile OK but I want to understand what I am doing.


I am aware that Tone.h and tone.h are regarded as different files under Linux but the same under Windows.  (I am using Linux)


Normally on AVR boards you would use.

#include <Tone.h> this is for the ToneLibrary 1.7.1 by Brett Hagman.


This is for AVR architecture and not applicable and will not compile on STM32 architecture.


tone.h will be a different library and there is not one for AVR


Now if I look in


There is no tone library.


However there is



So when I have a line #include <tone.h> where is the Arduino IDE finding the library?


If I look in


There is a Tone.h


Currently in preference→Additional Board managers I have 2 URLS

When I compile it first looks in the local Arduino libraries and finds Tone.h which is for AVR and gives an error message.


However if I use tone.h there is no such library on the local machine so it gets the one from the Additional Boards manager URL.


Would I be better removing the AVR Tone library (Tone.h) and installing a STM32 Tone library or a STM32 tone  library?

Any advice would be most welcome. 

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