Re: W8TEE Morse Code Tutor '"Simplified" (James Bond '007' Version)

Tom, wb6b

On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 07:59 AM, bobolink wrote:
uint16 --> uint16_t
I had the same issue when I used the toolchain.

Did not have issues with the toolchain.

I simply added a #define uint16 uint16_t to the top of the file to fix that. There were enough additional issues that I switched to the Roger Clark toolchain, as I had no hardcore reason to use the stm32duino (supposedly official) Arduino toolchain. I also have STM developer boards for client projects, but I tend to use STM32Cube, rather than Arduino, with those. 

Don't know if you are still in the STM32 family or porting to another processor altogether.

Tom, wb6b

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