Re: Upload conpiled sketch to Teensy

V Zecchinelli

Please disregard below message.  Wrong group and I pulled the trigger too quickly.  IDE now says "Done Uploading".

On 7/8/2019 1:24 PM, V Zecchinelli wrote:

Good Afternoon,
After struggling with compiling and much help from Jack I now seem to have an issue uploading the compiled sketch to the Teensy 3.6.
-Using Dell laptop with Windows 7 Professional
-Arduino IDE 1.8.9 with TeensyDuino 1.4.6
-Sketch compiles successfully
-When Teensy Loader window pops up telling me to press button on Teensy to upload I see "JackAlV096.ino.hex too large"
Is this normal or do I have a communication issue for upload does not occur?

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