Re: Blue Pill Connect with ST-Link #arduino #bluepill #stm32 #usb

Tom, wb6b

On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 08:12 AM, David Leckie wrote:

pressed “OK” and released the reset button and they then connected OK.

After that I could flash the Arduino boot loader and program them from the Arduino IDE using USB.


This is interesting. I'll keep this in mind if I get a phony Blue Pill board. So far I've been lucky. Must have bought most of my boards before the sources of non-genuine STM32 chips started to be used.  

Also, all the Blue Pills I have do not have boot loaders, so one would need to be flashed if I wanted one. However, I ether use a ST-Link or the built into the chip serial programmer that requires a USB to TTL serial adaptor and moving the "Boot-0" jumper to activate. 

I remember some YouTube videos that offered some possible solutions to programming these non STM32 Blue Pill boards. But your press the reset at the right time seems like a good solution. 

I think most of the Chinese suppliers would like to supply working stuff. Many sell everything from bath towels to rings, so they just rely on what their supplier says the electronic thing is. I've noticed after this Coronavirus thing has extended in time many of the Chinese parts and boards are gradually going up in price. I wonder if this will provide some profit margin for the suppliers who want to supply better quality stuff, to do so and survive the race to the bottom cut throat price compilation. Long term these counterfeit suppliers will hurt the overall market for many eBay suppliers. Some or maybe even many, of them seem to be individual sellers just making a living for themselves. 

Tom, wb6b

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