Re: Creamy Stripe-Streak in Cave Creek Cyn, AZ

Lorena Krenitsky

there are at least 5 individual Creamy Stripe-streaks at this location. I actually believe that we have documented 7 different individuals so far. I've never used the to post before, so I apologize if I fail miserably at posting my photos.

My husband, Mark, and I went looking for the butterfly yesterday afternoon, but we didn't know the location of the bush in question, so we started checking all the white horehound from the entrance to the campground. At campsite 5, we found two different individuals at the same time, one of which had a large chunk of forewing missing. I became suspicious that there might be more and so made sure to document the left underside of each. We proceeded to wander farther in and found a third individual in a large patch of horehound. At this point, we met Lori Conrad and her friend Mark (Marc?) who had missed the butterfly yesterday. Lori told us we weren't even at the bush in question! We proceeded much further in to that bush and found two more individuals at the same time, seen by all in the party. Again, I made sure to photograph all, and from the same side. Social distancing prevented us from sharing photos so we were unsure how many specimens were actually seen at that point, but could safely assume three because these latest two were not missing any patches of wing, and one was amazingly fresh. That one, which turns out to be the fifth individual, still has the smaller secondary tails which appear easy to wear off.

I compared all the pictures I took of the sightings today, and each is a different individual as proven by different wear and tear on wings and missing scales. Please see the comparison photo. If you compare pictures already posted here by others, the wing wear we observed today is also different, so we may be able to safely say that there have been at least 7 individuals documented so far. Please see Lori Conrad's image of the left side of an A. jada on May 16th, and by Elaine Halbedel's image from May 18th. I will make a side by side comparison of all of these if anyone wants me to, and the respective photographers grant permission for me to use their images.

All but one of the butterflies were found resting or nectaring on horehound, while the second individual was resting on Silverleaf Nightshade (Solanum elaeagnifolium). If I recall correctly, A. jada feeds on plants in the nightshade family, so this may be important. My picture of the first individual is actually on Mesquite because I disturbed it trying to take a photo of the left side.

If this is a significant finding, should I post in places in addition to this mailing list? Please let me know and I will do so.

It was great meeting Lori and Mark (Marc?) yesterday! And thanks very much for reporting your sighting! This is very exciting.
Lorena Krenitsky

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