Re: Creamy Stripe-Streak in Cave Creek Cyn, AZ

Lori Conrad

Creamy Stripestreak update: There are now 4 of them in Sunny Flat campground! Yes, FOUR! We ran into a couple (Lauren & Mark) from Sierra Vista on our way in, who told us that they had just had 2 of them up above campsite #5, didn't know exactly where my spot was. I took them over to my spot, & there was one on the same group of horehound that I've seen every day except yesterday. As we're watching it, a 2nd one flies in to the same patch! Lauren said that one of the ones above #5 had a big chunk missing in one of the wings, & neither of these did. One was pristine! So in all likelihood, there are 4........3 for sure, based on wear.  The patches of horehound are pretty far apart from each other, so I doubt the 2 on the hill came down to "my" patch. Wow!


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