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3/08/22 Meeting

  • Intro - last SOTA Activation
    • Chris N1CLC - Twin Peaks
    • Logan KD6LLB - 
    • Anne K7AHR - Last SOTA summit Strawberry Peak. Katie KJ7LIT. Skyline ridge.
    • Anthony AJ6PU - Flint Peak
    • Ara N6ARA - 4202 - across the street from Hoyt.
    • Bret K1BAA - San Juan Hill
    • Brian Groh - Big Bear Peak 
    • Brian Huntsman - KG6DTZ - Mammoth Lakes. Couple of weeks ago Peak 12076. FA
    • Dan Koellen AI6XG - Sacramento. Went on Saturday, Lowell Ridge. Met Rex. Worked Ron, David, and Mike and Lorene.
    • David AI6OU - Newport Beach - Niguel Hill.
    • Kevin KN6FNY - Orange County - Ansell, Apache, Thomas.
    • Nick K6SOT - Joshua Tree.
    • William McNaul -  N6OQ - Joshua Tree two weeks ago. K6ARK went to benchmark, ryan mountain.
    • Ron K6CPR - Hi to Anne. Last activation SC-191.
    • David N6AN - Mount Waterman, Eric KG6MZS
    • Paul Star - 
    • Jamie N6JFD - Activation last weekend W6/CV-017.
  • Zoom chat for questions - 
  • Review survey results
  • Potential speakers

2/22/22 Meeting

  • What do you wish you had known when you started SOTA or ham radio?
    • Chris N1CLC - Known about spotting
    • Brian Frobisher WA6JFK - Spotting.
    • Dick NS3C - Richard on voice. Find their own way.
    • Eric AD6VT - map (interactive map)
    • Mike K6STR and Lorene W6LOR - Ham radio and hiking. Wish had known about points with SOTA sooner. What a great group of people who find other hams
    • Tack KN6RSX - Marine operator. Marine HF frequencies - fishing boats. Came down to CA.
    • Nathan Eng - Simi Valley - mentioned meeting this morning. Open source routes and tracking feature.
    • Ara N6ARA - Read the rules (did not read the rules).
    • Ben Mook AG6N - Get rid of big heavy AGM batteries.
    • Brian Huntsman KG6DTZ - Mammoth lakes area. Had tech license for 20 years and minimal activity. Get out there and get on the air! Call CQ.
    • Dan Koellen AI6XG - Get a good map app. Took a long time to find summit. Use Gaia Premium.
    • Kim KC6ARY - Know the way that setting up antenna is not to lay it out on the ground and then haul it up on the vertical.
    • Jeff KX6I - Relatively new ham summer of 2020. Extra class and CW then discovered SOTA and January 2021. Addictive it is.
    • Luis KN6DMO - Wish I knew about was logging. Wished was logging from the beginning.
    • Noam - W6SRT - Wish he had known about SOTA because gear is not weight optimized. 5.5 pound radio and 30ah battery.
    • Ron K6CPR - KX3 wished had known about smaller gear.
    • Brian W6BFT - Crestline started radio about same time with SOTA. Richard NS3C - get a mentor.
    • Ruben - Brought Tack in. WSJX. Digital and analog, can't get connected.
    • Ron K6RIN - HT on VHF simplex.
    • KN6EZE - Started using VHF/UHF, wish had known about how awesome CW was and started practicing CW.
    • N6AN - No idea of sunspot cycles. Used to carry a 40 foot spiderbeam pole.
    • Anthony AJ6PU.
  • Snow cover
    • CalTopo
    • Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center:
    • GAIA also has snow depth layer
    • I also look at ski site webcams
    • - talk to recent activators.
  • Rescue insurance - Chris - in California rescue is free. Garmin you can sign up for medical insurance. Noam - also free in Inyo county.
    • Air ambulance bill is huge.
    • Snake bites and anti-venom. Specific insurance for snake bites.
  • D-Star and AllStar and DMR. 
  • - 
  • K Index and A Index - as an indicator of noise (K < 3 = bands quiet).


  • Intro Question - Worst weather on a SOTA summits / or worst weather on an outdoor outing?
    • Lorene W6LOR and Mike K6STR - POTA activation. Worst weather and went to national forest. Snow in every crevice.
    • Sergio WA6WV - Worse winter condition fly back to Michigan for father in law's funeral. Snow storm.
    • Brian Huntsman KG6DTZ - First attempt at a SOTA summit. Didn't activate. Just had KX2 radio. Extremely windy day - crater mountain. Made it to summit, nothing but trouble.
    • AJ6PU - Missouri. Tornado heavy thunderstorm.
    • Brian - W6BFT - SOTA activation eastern sierras. Lightning cracking. Storms come up so fast. Sleet. Temp dropped 20 degrees.
    • Chris Clayborne N1CLC - Really cold winter rain. Soaked through from waste down.
    • Kent N6WT - Worst summit activation was Pine Mountain. On an offroad trail.
    • Dale K6AQV - Sitton peak. Hung over. Threatening rain.
    • Ron K6RIN - Snow/rain/heat - snow. Pine Mountain. Hiking in snow storm.
    • CJ - New to SOTA. Just got General license. Tested virtually.
    • Kim - East peak on Catalina. Really thick fog.
    • Ron - K6CPR - A lot of bad weather. Josephine two or three weeks ago. Possibly rain.
    • Kevin KN6FNY - Mount baldy cold weather!
    • Dan Koellen - Running back to car!
    • David Hodge - Last Friday, Table, Circle and Ralston.
    • Jeff Isaacson KX6I - Bad cold wind and rain. North Pinyon High Point - committed. After 4 contacts.
    • Luis KN6DMO - No real bad weather experiences. Layers on and off.
    • Eric NE6G - Fishing trip. Within 5 minutes rain and wind.
    • Michael KM6WCO - Winter weather story. 1 year anniversary activation in December. Same date, same peak. Going to snow. Two pairs of gloves. Activated from tent.
    • Vince LeVeque KF6FLJ - Try to avoid bad weather. Want to focus on the hike. Jupiter mountain (short hike). Mount Emma - winds.
    • Paul KJ7MEV - Typically outside Reno. Last September. East side of Tahoe during season. Jenoa peak. winds and cold. Fire starting to move up.
    • Kevin K6KMH - Chaser with 1 activation. Anza Borego, high winds, /P challenges.
    • Nick KN6MGR - Like Kim, fair weather. SOTA has been good weather. Hanging out down below, and snowy on summit.
    • Neil K6KWI - A couple of Friday's ago, Workman Hill. Santa Ana winds. Ara was cold. Mast blew over.
    • Me - Sunset peak.
  • Questions
    • 80m - East coast stations. Worked UA0, eastern portion of Siberian Russia.
    • KC2G's Propagation Weather.
    • NVIS - send signal straight back down.
    • Kevin - Repository of local tracks.
      • Chris - Bring up summit. Peakbagger.
      • AA6XA - been up many summits.
    • Loggin to LOTW
      • Chris uses AC Log which has LOTW integration. Uses grid square.
      • Paul - After TQSL, when uploading ADIF's, have location keeps as SOTA location. Will update grid square. Chris does the same thing.
      • Kent - Update your county in LOTW.
  • Simi Settlers 7.240 40m? on Saturdays 8:30am


What are your 2022 goals?



Ron, K6CPR

Small Radio, more biking


Paul Kj7MEV



Kevin Kn6FNY

Become a dad
Finding balance


Anthony AJ6PU

New to Ham

Get on HF



Mike K6STR

Build antennas

20, 30, 40 mtn topper.

Wants to build a 20, 30, 40, 80


Lorene (W6LOR)

More joint activations




Buy fewer radios and use them more

Submarines on the air in March



New assn



New Assn - SOTACatation

Half goat


Greg K6CWC

More expeditions

Overnights, get way out there.

New tents, sleep systems


Kim Cary

Finish his 16 peak challenge

Activate with the new COVID puppy


Jeff Isaacon (KX6I)

Digital on summit



Ron Nelson

More unique summits



Get a norcal group going, like SoCal

More summits than last year

White mtn peak


Christian N1CLC- new Association






See something from Adam

Digital presentation

- - - - - -


  • Intro question - "To make or to buy, and why?"
    • David N6AN - Saturday afternoon, built a half-square for 10m. Used VNA.
    • Mike K6STR and Lorene W6LOR - soldering feels too much like work. Advantage of making your own, can make it lighter
    • Ara N6ARA - Fun to curse and hate your hardware.
    • Chris N1CLC - Don't make a lot of stuff, but love making things occasionally.
    • Dan AI6XG - Buy the beer! 
    • David AI6OU - More complicated, not work making it.
    • Greg K6CWC - Buy and alter.
    • Gus W9SSN - Dan in San Diego. Both! Doesn't like buying used stuff. Also likes to do own stuff.
    • Kevin KN6FNY - Buy a lot of radios, but like tinkering.
    • Jeff KX6I - Both camp. Envious of all who have engineering background. Love modifying radios and things. Buy many little QRP raidios.
    • Michael KM6WCO - Build, mostly antennas. Expected to build an antenna.
    • Nick Severson -Got ticket recently! Buy, because don't know.
    • Ron K6CPR - Ron K6CPR - Repair projects coming up. 857 got display where it's losing.
    • Vince LeVeque - Tend to buy. But build requires understanding of design, and requires skills and test equipment.
  • New to SOTA
    • Question from Nick about getting his General license.
  • Discussion topics
    • SoCal SOTAFest - activities, format, etc.
      • Show-and-tell!
      • Joint activations - mountain biking?
      • Astronomy?
      • Rock climbing?
      • Weather - keep group notified.
    • Interesting plans for winter activations?
    • Any tinkering during the holiday season?
      • Statistical analysis of WSPR signals to test antenna efficiency and preliminary findings.


  • Attendees:
    • Chris N1CLC - Experimented with QCX. Mini paddles.
    • David N6AN - Experimenting with CAT5 twisted pair antennas. About 100 ohms. Made one for 21 MHz.
    • Ara N6ARA - Learning how to set up a WooCommerce store.
    • Bill K7WXW - Testing antennas. NZ Belgium, FR, Bobtails
    • Dan - 160m from summit. 80m EFHW and can use a quarter wave on 160m.
    • Greg K6CWC - Julian, CA. Messing around with EFHW antennas and linked dipoles.
    • Gus Schmidt - W9SSN - most testing how to perfect the optimal cup of coffee at summit.
    • Jamie N6JFD - Not much experimenting this year. Was playing with antennas. Trying to get 3 band vertical to work with the MTR
    • Kevin KN6FNY - New with SOTA. Playing with everything. VHF, HF, antennas, kit building, QRP guys kit. Trapped EFHW.
    • Kim Cary KC6ARY - Wind event. Rotator.
    • Jeff KX6I - installed touch keys in SW-3B. Power delivery trigger boards. Can USB-C power back.
    • Rob N5XRB - Buying kits on eBay and never putting them together.
    • Ron K6CPR - EFHW on peaks in inverted V. Two fishing poles as inverted L.
    • Sergio WA6WV - Torrance. Helped friend moving to Tuscon. Setting up OCF dipole.
    • Eli -
    • Ben AG6N -
    • Luis KN6DMO - Linked dipole. Putting things together piece by piece.


  • Intos
  • Ron
    • Met Stephen on the trail. Stephen mentioned that the scouts were going to be doing JOTA.
    • Had a Zoom meeting and planned things out. Communicated via text message.
    • Red flag warning before the event. Were at the tail end of it.
    • IC7300 50 AH battery. 40W 857 with EFHW
    • Mike and Lorene set up a JPole.
    • Ron explained SOTA, mapping, etc.
    • Sideband, FT8, SSB
    • One scout: "Everyone speaks the same language!"

9/21 Meeting Minutes

  • Need help with: videos, social media, and WTH card. Also potentially helping organizing events with the W6 association.
  • Chris N1CLC - Mount Baldy in AZ.
  • Dan AI6XG - Sacramento area. Tinker Knob. Long hike but great views.
  • David N6AN - Fairview was really nice. Catholic Hill.
  • Greg WB6MPH - Hunter have done two peaks. Temescal peak, Saddle Peak.
  • Greg K6CWC - Desert peaks. Did some this weekend.
  • Jeremy NJ6Q - Heard from CW Ops. Cuayanono mountain.
  • Jim WI6X - Haven't activated.
  • Kim KC6ARY - 18 uniques. Favorite called 1838. Waist high flowers.
  • Arun - Timber Mountain CT-052. Ice house Canyon trail.
  • Mark Grow - KG6LI - Tend to like Desert peaks. Chariot Mountain. SD county.
  • Michael KM6CWO - First activation December of last year. 13 unique activations. Belemont activation. Went twice.
  • Neil K6KWI - Fruit Peak with Ara with Ron.
  • Ron K6CPR - Reyes Peak. Near Ojai. 
  • Ron K6RIN - Simi Valley. Like Reyes. Mount Perry in Death Valley.

Chariot Mountain (W6/SD-074)

Reyes Peak (W6/CC-005)

Mount Perry (W6/ND-142)

Dellamont (W6/CT-155)

Tinker Knob (W6/NS-121)

Timber Mountain (W6/CT-052)

Mount Baldy (Arizona, W7A/AE-004)


  • Dale K6AQV QSL Cards?
    • David Really a matter of personal taste. 
    • KG6LI - - Ordered 200. Like to send them into people who are new.
  • David SOTAWatch - Birth Year was Exposed
    • Thread that occured on SOTAWatch - no signal report exchanged.
  • Need help with: videos, social media, and WTH card.
  • Also potentially helping organizing events with the W6 association.
    • Information for new SOTA operators.


8/11 Meeting Minutes

  • Intros
    • Chris N1CLC - misconfigured mobile radio for party line. 80 contacts. Generated a lot of interest. Lots of chatter locally. 146.52. A lot of excitement. Should put it on QRZ calendar.
    • Scott WA9STI - Escapala peak. 7K peak. Las Padres. 1.4 mile hike. 48 contacts. HF and 2m. 21 S2S - Eric 134 miles on 2m simplex.
    • W6NAL Adam Robles - Wish was out there! Going out to Seqouia's find a peak. 
    • Ben Mook AG6N - Had big plans to go up to peak. Wasn't in cards that day. Something.
    • Brad - K4BTH - NC, found through social media. New to SOTA. Does parks on the air. 340 miles on Appalachian trail.
    • Dave AE9Q - New to group. Just had a CW QSO. Would have loved to participate. Would have loved to participate. Catalina mountains fire. Closed fire at 9K feet. Can't get to them. Too hot. Lower summits are not habitable. Hope to join next year. W7 has a similar type of operation in October. Mount bigalo last two years.
    • David Guber - AI6OU - Did participate in the Aug 1 and 2. Temple Hill laguna beach. S2S with someone in north San Diego. From Manhattan Beach, Alta Dina. Rollup jpole.
    • John Vo - Buck point to Cucamonga. Didn't have enough time to spend on radio. Was hiker was inexperienced hikers. Got only 2 contacts with Adam and someone else. 6K feet.
    • Victor W2AYZ - New hear. Paul K6PVZ worked on CW. New to SOTA. Icom 705 coming later this year.
    • Seth KN6BYY - Tried chasing, but didn't catch anyoen. 
    • Mooner K6AQ - Was on Dictionary Hill. Wanted to do HF activation. Had issues with HF. Did VHF/UHF. Got someone in Ventura county.
    • Ed - KM6TNT. Family issues that weekend, but looking forward to getting out there.
    • David N6AN - Was active. Sierra Noroeste had a pretty good haul. Worked a lot of HF and VHF. Didn't make any 440 contacts. Here in Moscow in afternoon. Sunday was on Flint peak. Had another good day. 112 contacts total 31 unique S2S. W7A Sotafest was somewhere in September. Had a bunch of contacts. Didn't work any of the 14ers. N6WT was on Sierra Noreste and had a better shot to some people further south on 2m.
    • Mark - 5764, lots of problems, didn't participate. Rare day that you can hike that you can have KX0R. Huge chaser.
    • Tom - KB9EMS Ham 1990, SOTA since 2016. Able to bike activate Mount Gleeson. Almost 10 miles and 4 hours. Camped overnight on Friday night. Got up early and worked east coast chasers.
    • Paul - Hadoc mountain. Spent night out there. Lovely night. Not a good time on HF. No SSB contacts. A few CW contacts. VHF/UHF - 
    • Richard Donner - going to be a chaser for a while. Worked from home. WA6KYR. Been in SOTA for 5-6 years. Been keeping in shape. Will start doing some SOTA peaks around January.
    • Kent N6WT - Went to Sierra Noreste with David. 58 QSO's that day. Left and then went to San Amagido and then another 7. 17 S2S. Really fun day. Going to peak mountain tomorrow.
    • Eric NE6G - Saturday on Anderson peak. Lot of contacts. Lots of S2S - good to get out.
    • Linda - Hikes with Mike!
    • Maxwell KN6KCY - Wasn't activating. Getting technical license. Sport is mountain biking.

7/14 Meeting Minutes

  • Intros
    • Ed - KM6TNT - used KX3. Up in snow.
    • KM6CEM - charles mccants. 76 S2S's. Yaesu FT-2B.
    • Kim KC6ARY - 891 Yaesu used with Rasberry PI. JS-8 call summits.
    • Paul (nd001) - 857. KX2. Highlight was grabbed new unique. Unactivated peak. Contacts down to NZ.
    • Adam Robles W6NAL - Newport beach with some family. With Paul using his KX3.
    • Dan AI6XG - KX2. More exciting - trapped end fed half-way. MTR 3B. Colorado from backyard.
    • Ben AG6N - 
    • Brandon Rudolph - Eric NE6G. Member of the PAPA system.
    • Chris N1CLC - KX2 mtn in NM
    • David AI6OU - 891 - chasing and hiking years ago, and want to get back into it.
    • Eric NE6G - Westwood, CA. One SOTA activation. With Ed and Adam K6ARK. Adam's KX2.
    • Jim K6IRX - bao feng and tape measure.
    • Adam K6ARK - Mountain Goat a couple of years ago.
    • Kent N6WT - KX2 frasier maountain
    • John KM6TRU - 2 weeks ago in FT2-DR with whip antenna. Want to trade 991 into 891
    • Liana N6WH - Adam and Paul. Forgot both key and antenna. Used Paul's rig.
    • Michael KN6CTJ - New with SOTA. 2 single points. Last activation was dictionary hill with anytone and Elk antenna. Yaesu FT-891.
    • Mike KX6A - Got Mtn Goat a couple of years ago. Trail running. FT-2DR. Using a mountain topper.
  • Battery Question - Bioenno 12 amp hour. Is 9 amp hour OK, and can I run 50 watts?
    • 867 - 100W Yaesu. They are power hogs. Have run with 5.5 amp hour. 50 watts, 35 watts. 1 hour of activation time.
    • Probably won't be able to run 100 watts.
    • Bioenno site has max draw and duty cycle information, etc.
  • Chris (N1CLC) Presentation

6/30 Meeting Minutes

  • Attendees:
    • Alex KK6MJG - Field work on FM in a park in San Diego. Tried QRP single sideband.
    • Chris N1CLC - Noble Mountain. Alpine AZ. Made a few contacts. Running 100 watts. Sunday went to turner peak. Got another 8 
    • Drew N7DA - Had another op with him
    • Ed KM6TNT - backyard portable almost all CW.
    • Jim K6IRX - 4 SOTA activations Flint peak. Sunday Chino Hills, 4-6 contacts.
    • Mike KX6A - Spent field day, 150 contacts, all CW, FM 6m contacts
    • Mooner K6AQ - tried to do a SOTA activation. In park by house. Used batteries and solar power.
    • Ted W6TED - Tuesday on Thomas Mtn. Field day up there activated. 7 contacts FM, CW 239 contacts 45 states, 6 provinces.
    • Michael KX6A - Cucamonga Peak!
    • Paul W6PNG - FT8 and FT4 at home. Around 150 contacts. Did Baldy
    • Dan AI6XG - Did some chasing!
    • Kim KC6ARY - KC6CLC operated under his call sign. 2E station off battery and solar power. 50m
    • Ben Mook - For field day, went out to Flanders near Joshua Tree (QRO). Was up there Sat morning, 20 and 40m. Battery powered with solar power.
    • Adam Kimmerly K6ARK - QRP station in yard. 15m contact in Alaska.
    • Jim Steinberg - No plans.
    • Mike Molina KN6EZE - 1 QRP CW contact 
  • Promoting SOTAFest - Amateur radio clubs. ARRL site to get a list of those. See if chairperson. Michael KX6A is part of a radio club. Low hanging fruit to get in touch with.
    • SOTA Reflector
    • NA SOTA Slack channel
    • Adam is a group that is part of ham radio YouTube. Will reach out.
    • SOTA Facebook page
    • Instagram / Twitter

Battery power comments - Paul, Mooneer, Ben Mook


6/16 Meeting Minutes

  • Paul Gacek W6PNG - Try to get to 150 uniques.

  • Adam Kimmerly K6ARK - Goal is to build radio that weights less than 1oz.

  • Scott - WA9STI - Collect states. Have 25 so far. Hoping to get Iowa with three summits.

  • Drew N7DA - SoCal SOTAFest. 2m activations. Should 440 should be just as good or better?

  • Ed KM6TNT - Overnight activation.

  • Ben AG6N - Adding a new band.

  • Chris N1CLC - - Less than 40 points away from SOTA Goat! Want to get to Colorado this year.

  • Richard WA6KYR - Want to get going and activate. Wants to go to San Francisco, steps to Mount Davidson.

  • Dan AI6XG - Northern california. Lightening load. Lighter rig, lighter antennas.

  • Michael KX6A - Scott was #4 contact on Mountain Goat. Unactivated peaks.

  • Liana N6WH - Want to be more consistent. Want to activate. Maritime historical radio society, point reyes above san francisco, can operate as a station.

  • David KE6UPI - Want to activate.

  • Alex - 

  • Jon K6LDQ - 

  • Mike KN6EZE.

  • Introductions (15 mins)

    • Question - Something 

  • New to SOTA (10 mins) - A chance for anyone new to SOTA to ask questions and introduce themselves

  • Discussion (25 mins)

    • Richard - KX0R station. Sounds like he has a 100W radio with a beam. 67’ wire with 10W. George.

      • Adam: Random wire with a tuner. Gives him better efficiency with transmission. Being at higher elevation.

    • WA6LE - SOTA.

    • Paul - Baden Powell.

    • 2m FM.

    • Focus on getting participation - keep it simple to start with.

    • Coordinate with 14ers and

    • Need to keep chasers happy.

    • Adam Kimmerly - prizes.

    • Dan AI6XG - Weekend.

    • North American QSO party is that weekend - Saturday.

    • Shouldn’t use calling frequency - 

    • Simplex frequency in advance.

    • More manageable CW.

    • Contests.

    • W6 SOTA - California.

    • Open discussion and Q&A - I'll be taking topics/questions from anyone at the beginning, so come with an interest in mind!

    • VHF Contest and Activations - If you participated in the VHF contest, come and share your story about it, or about any weekend activations and your experience and learnings. Share pictures, mishaps, etc.

    • SoCal SOTAFest - We'll need volunteers for this event - any and all help is welcome!

    • CW Sked - Continuing to align on a good format, date, time, etc. for this. Topics include date/time, bands/frequencies, and aligning with the larger SOTA community.

  • Wrap-up (5 mins)


6/2 Meeting Minutes

  • Attendees (and most interesting animal encounter)
    • Chris (N1CLC) - Triple encounter of deer, antelope, turkey.
    • Scott (WA9STI) - Near sheep attack
    • David Hodge (N6AN) - Giant/healthy rattlesnake
    • Ben (AG6N) - Gators and giant snakes in FL, but only rattlesnakes in CA
    • Dan Koellen (AI6XG) - Bighorn sheep stampede
    • Jim (K6IRX) - American Bison on Catalina
    • Liana (N6WH) - Swim with dolphins
    • Mooneer (K6AQ) - Rattlesnake signs
    • Ed (KM6TNT) - Moose encounter
    • Mike (KN6EZE) - Toe to toe with a skunk (didn't get sprayed)
    • Adam Robles (W6NAL) - Water buffalo trying to protect turkey
  • New to SOTA
    • Jim - What band do people like to use for SOTA?
      • Chris - in LA area, use 2m FM. On HF, most on 20 meter, and then 40. If you only have one, bring a 20 meter.
      • Dan - Northern Cali, 20 is good for midwest. 40 is conduit down to SoCal.
      • Scott - 20m and 40m are good. Ground wave might work on HF. 60m might work close in.
      • Scott - 20 and 40 really quiet. 
  • Discussion
    • Scott WA9STI - SOTA accident with activator up to Waterman. No cell service. Had HT in car. PAPA-8, Wilson made call with emergency traffic. Joined by another ham who was monitoring. Lesson: being prepared and having a ham radio.
    • Adam Robles - Just got tech license. Haven't done activation. Paul might take folks in the group out. Chino hills peaks. Which rig for digital?
      • KX2 & KX3
      • Good to consider if you need a tuner.
      • Telescopic whip - MFJ-1714 (2m half wave).
    • Organizing upcoming SOTA events
    • Organizing CW Practice - Zoom QSOs. Can do CW on 2 meters. 80 or 40m
    • Saturday August 1 for a SoCal SOTAFest.
      • Need volunteers.
  • David Hodge presentation
    • SOTL.AS <--- website
    • SOTAwatch - Create Spots & Alerts
    • Planning - gear list + photos
    • Question - feed line length?
    • CW - try thinking in CW.