Re: Martin Bowitz Receives NAR Section Activities Recognition Award

David Erbas-White

On 3/4/2020 1:42 PM, riwamoto1 via Groups.Io wrote:

Congratulations, Martin!

David Erbas-White

Hi all,

Martin Bowitz was recently presented with the NAR Section Activities Recognition Award.  It was my honor to present Martin with the Award plaque following the SCRA Launch on 2/23/2020.

Attached are photos of the plaque being presented to Martin and Martin displaying his NAR Section Activities Recognition Award.

I have attached a write-up (WORD document) describing the outstanding and dedicated service that Martin has provided to Southern California Rocketeers for almost four decades.

Congratulations Martin!

Thank you Chuck Neff, NAR Section Activities Committee Chairperson!

Best regards,

Ross Iwamoto  

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