SCRA has kits for youth groups or birthday parties

Fred Shecter

If anyone has a youth group or birthday party or school group and you need model rockets, please contact Martin Bowitz to ask about the kits we have available. We have Estes Make-It & Take-It kits which are easy to glue together and Firestreak SST kits that do not use any glue.We also have SCRA designed Big Bonnie kits, Mini-Tubular Treat, and Streamer Duration models.

The FIrestreak and Mini-Tubular Treat are PERFECT for the smaller field we use in April and May. They fly pretty high using the smaller lightweight 1/2A3-4T mini motors which are much cheaper than the larger diameter motors. The kits use streamer recovery so they can fly high and still be recovered nearby.

For the small field in April and May, remember that we have a C motor limit with altitude limit. Altitude limits are 500 feet for streamer recovery and 350 feet for parachute recovery. In other words, you would only be able to use a C motor in a heavier and draggy rocket to stay below the altitude limit. B motors would be used in medium heavy or draggy models. Most small models will fly with 1/2A and A motors.

For folks with bigger models, remember we have a bunch of the 18mm Quest Q-Jet C12-4 motors that will lift a heavy model and may be just what you need for the smaller field.

-Fred Shecter NAR 20117 L2

cell 951-203-3890

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