Configuration scope encoder ticks larger than 19.999 million in ServoConfig 1.3



I have a problem in configuration my Servo II controller with scope encoder ticks using ServoConfig 1.3.
On AutoTracking page the maximum numbers of scope encoder ticks per revolution can be 19 999 999. Larger numbers won't be taken over and jump back to the old value in the box.
My configuration has to be 40 million ticks per revolution.
Is there a ServoConfig version which has no limit of numbers?


Russell R

Hi Joerg,

For values that high, you must use the Terminal Window in ServoConfig.

All commands must be in CAPS.

Open Servo Config and select the correct COM port.

Click Terminal Window

A window should pop up. Make sure you are communicating with the controller by pressing ENTER on the keyboard.  A string should appear something like this, X# Y# XZ# YZ# XC# YC# V# T# X[AM] T[AM]

Here are the commands for both motor and mount encoder ticks.  Use has needed.
Do not use commas or parentheses when typing number of ticks.

For Az/RA motor encoder ticks type: XXV(Ticks) and press ENTER 

Type XXV and press ENTER, you should see XXV(Ticks)

For Alt/Dec motor encoder ticks type: XXU(Ticks) and press ENTER

Type XXU and press ENTER, you should see XXU(Ticks)

For Az/RA mount encoder type: XXZ(Ticks) and press ENTER

Type XXZ and press ENTER, you should see XXZ(Ticks)

For Alt/Dec mount encoder type: XXT(Ticks) and press ENTER

Type XXT and press ENTER, you should see XXT(Ticks)

To save configuration, type XW and press ENTER.

Sometimes, SiTech don't like the input and you will have to ignore the warning.

Russell R.

Don W

Hi Joerg,

It is much easier than Russell said.  All you have to do in ServoConfig version 1.3 is put the higher tics into the No of Ticks per Scope Rev on the Auto Tracking Page.  That box won't limit you, and the larger number will show up on the AutoTracking page.

Don W


Hi Russell,

thank you for fast answer. I did the things as in your advice and now is everything fine. :-)

Don, I tried putting the higher tics into the No of Ticks per Scope Rev on the Auto Tracking Page, but unfortunately this is exactly the thing which doesn't operates in my case. From 20 million ticks and higher there is a limit.