Complete Si Tech GoTo System for Sale or Trade #ascom


Si Tech GoTo System  hardware for Sale ($1000) or Trade possible  

I have decided "Push-to" control for my 14" Hubble Optics Dobsonian  and am selling the Si Tech Goto hardware and controls that I've written about in various forums, e.g.,

Original cost was $2544 = $1995 + $549 for added hand controller an battery hardware

I'm selling for a couple of reasons.  First, I've decided that I like my Dob to be fast and simple to set up, so I can spend maximum time observing visually.   The SiTech system is amazing, but adds weight and complexity, which I don't need for visual observation.  Second, I've already purchased an HNA  optics set from Tong (12" hyperbolic primary + 3.5" elliptical secondary +motor controlled 3.5 focuser with Rosin corrector) which I plan to put into a CarbonScobeTubes tube, following the plan of Paul Zelichowski's "Starbase" scope.  My plans suggest this should give me a 42mm fully corrected-illuminated field for astrophotography, in  ~40 lb. package that can be mounted on my G-11;  so I can use something like a QHY 367C color camera.

The Si Tech is a great system. All of the electronics work right out of the box, and the mounting hardware is precise and sturdy, though some of the hardware would have to be changed, mainly to accommodate the bearing attachments, since currently they fit my HO14". Slew speeds can be made very fast (everything is programmable in the SiTech setup), as you can see in this video [url="""][/url]. I'm particularly impressed with the wireless hand controller which operates at 465 MHz (like garage door openers and key fobs ... so no interference from 2.4GHz devices). Computer communication is through Bluetooth which shows up as COM4 on my Surface laptop. Encoder and motor specifications are set up with a configuration utility, ServoConfig1.3, that is available on SiTech's site. ServoConfig lets you set parameters and read and write them to the servo controller hardware.

I'm controlling the telescope with SiTechExe and Cartes du Ciel or Starry Night Pro. Once you have SiTechExe up and running, it reliably connects to the planetarium program. You can use a Surface tablet or PC to track, select and GoTo objects to observe; combined with the handpad (which doesn't interfere with the Bluetooth COM4 port on the Surface) you have a truly optimal wireless interface design. The hardware is 'observatory quality' and the software provides me with more flexibility and control than I could ever get with an 'off-the-rack' GoTo system.

Additional components included:

Wireless Handpad: 

- Has a built in astronomers adjustable LED flashlight
- Glow in the dark keypad.
- Has a keyboard Lock feature, so only the arrow keys work. This is great for handing the transmitter to the general public, so they can pan the moon for instance. They won't be able to do any harm!
- Addressable! Many scopes on the same telescope field can use the handpad at once. No interference between scopes, and you won't be controlling the wrong scope!
- Instant Action! With the SiTech system, wired or wireless, there is imperceivable delay between the pressing of a button and movement of the scope! Great for centering objects without any overshoot!
- Built in auto guider port.

Bluetooth Serial Adapter

12V Battery Holder

12V to 24V DC converter