Slewing in Reverse

Andrew Brockett

Hi everyone, I'm surely doing something stupid here. After drilling some adapter plates, my series one Mesu is inplace on it's pier. It's connected via a serial cable to my PC and the hand controller works fine. I noted from the operations Manual section 2.1.2 that "If you want the scope to start tracking without initialization, point the telescope  at the celestial pole, and then turn the power on the controller. At this point, if you've already set up and saved your  latitude,  the  system  will  be  initialized. "
Whether I use TSX or CdC, when I slew to the east with the hand controller, the planetarium program shows the telescope slewing to the west.
I don't believe I have placed the telescope upside down in the mount as it's orientated as per the cover photo in the "Quick Guide to Installation."
I have also tried all combinations in the Mount Parameters.
Thanks, Andrew

Don W

Hi Andrew,

Make sure you have the correct latitude set in all your programs - are you in the North or South latitude???

Section 8.3 of the Setup Manual has description to check that the settings move the mount in the correct direction for both North-South and East-West.

Don W

dan adi

Do you have a camera on the scope? If so, the fastest way for me is Single photo init from the Run script option. Never failed to platesolve. Platesolve 3 is just fantastic. Then park the mount wherever you want. Turn it off. Turn it on, the unpark, and it starts tracking

Andrew Brockett

Apologies for the delay. Not too many clear skies this August!
Thanks Don. Checked Lats & Longs in Sitech, SGP & TSX. All the same. I'm in the UK.

Excellent pointer Dan. The Single Phot Init from the Run script is excellent. However, could do with a bit of help to refine. In Change Config under the camera Stuff tab, I have SGP ticked for the Camera Control Software and Plate Solve 2 for the Plate Solver. I have done this because I have Plate Solve 2 already set up in my SGP. So my first question is, is the Plate Solver 2 called up by the Script through SGP or is it independent i.e. within the Sitech software. The other question is if I want to run my plate solving through a blind solver can I do that via the box in the Camera Stuff tab where it says Solve Field Command. What is the syntax of this box, is it the folder location of my files? The manual doesn't appear to give guidance on this one.

Regards, Andrew