getting started with sitechexe: bad scope commun #question

Don W

 Hi Mark,
There is only one serial connection to the SiTech Controller, so only one program can connect at one time.  Close ServoConfig before trying to run SiTechexe.
Don W

Mark Copper

Sorry for noise. ServoConfig1.3 needed to release the port before SiTechExe could access.

ServoConfig1.3 is running, comm port is set up and the virtual hand pad does physically move the telescope.

But SiTechExe does not seem to see it: I'm getting messages "Faking Servos", "Reading Servo Parms", and "Bad Scope Commun".

This is Windows 10, .NET version 4.8.4084.0.

I seem to have made a wrong turn. Would someone have a moment to point the way?

Thank you.