SiTech exe not opening on Windows 10?

Michael H

I am in the process of setting up a new Observatory computer... and...

Servo Config is working.

but, SiTechExe launches and I get the splash screen then nothing...?

It says it is open in the dock, but cannot get the config window to appear...?

Any help gratefully received!




This is just a thought, I have recently run into some issues where Windows' Forms apps (like SiTech.exe) open but are "outside" of the main desktop - they are opening with pixel coordinates outside that are off the screen. Take a look at your WindowDataSiTech.txt file, located in the same directory as the SiTech.cfg files.


Hi Michael,

I had exactly this problem after using remote desktop and changing the screen size. If you can see the icon in your task bar you can right click on it and choose the move option, then drag the app back to the desktop.

You may have a different cause but that worked for me.

Hope this helps

Best wishes 


I will also second the idea about Remote Desktop and change of resolution.

Dan Gray

Close SiTechExe somehow, reboot or cntrl/alt/del/
Go to 
Find the file SiTech.cfg.
Edit it with notepad or something.
Find two variables

Make sure both are above 10000

I've fixed this bug in the very latest.  I was at Yerkes Observatory a couple of weeks ago, and ran into this bug, it was very confusing, and took me a few hours to find the issue.

If you want the fixed version, it's not an installer, you just replace your SiTechExe.exe with this one:


On Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 3:09 PM Franklin <f@...> wrote:
I will also second the idea about Remote Desktop and change of resolution.