CDK14 & MI500/750F for sale


I’m upgrading my remote scope at El Sauce, Chile so my existing CDK14 and MI500/750F mount are for sale. This rig was installed in October 2016 and has been in use most days since then for exoplanet work with KELT, TESS and ExoClock leading to co-authorship in 22 published papers with a few more in preparation.

The mount is a MI500 fork mount (no meridian flips) with extended arms and has high-resolution Renishaw encoders on both axes. It comes complete with Servo II control. You can use either Sitech software or use Planewave’s ASCOM software (which I am using). It is offered for sale on an existing pier at El Sauce – google “Obstech Chile”. The buyer will need to provide their own imaging train and control PC as my existing PC, focuser/rotator and CCD will move to the new bigger scope.

This equipment should be available by June this year. If you are interested, please contact me offline < phil at astrofizz dot com >

Phil Evans