error message In motor encoder limit Actual solution- For loss of a sign the mount went haywire!

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    Hello all. I sit here with egg on my face and would prefer to hide but I think its always best if you get the real facts. On Christmas eve I though I had found my motor direction problem as explained above. Right after sending out that message it was back. Since then I have gone through the motor waveforms to make sure there wasn't a hardware problem and tried to imagine any setting that should manifest that way.
     As is common in this type of issue, it was operator failure. When I was updating the parameters from my old telescope configuration years ago , I decided to increase the limits for the movement of RA both clockwise and counterclockwise. While editing I selected the first two digits to change to the new value but didn't realize that I also selected the negative sign. As a result both the limits were made positive and the same , 200000000 Since one was clockwise and the other was counterclockwise I guess I assumed the sign was built in when I checked the numbers. 
     This caused the limit message that I got but I didn't understand the connection well enough because I was so rapped up in the strange behavior of the RA axis.. I had no idea that they were related, but the old brain isn't as nimble at 73. I only found it because I went through every number asking if I really knew what it did and realize that it could be one counter and therefore probably had a sign.
   So finally , everything is really working so I can proceed with the rest of the project.
BTW, Dan's message went directly to those two numbers but the image was just blurry enough that I didn't notice  the negative sign!. I could have saved myself about 10 hours of headaches if I had been more careful.
Thanks for everything Don and Dan !! You guys are the best.

Don W

I am glad to hear you have it solved.  I never played with those limits, but I can see that a wrong sign would certainly cause problems.  I hope all goes well with your system, and have a Happy New Year.
Don W