Re: #question What determines azimuth in SiTechExe? #question

Dan Gray

Hi Mark,
v3.9 is a servoI firmware version I think.  I think you are using a fairly recent version because of one of your prior posts.
In the numbers tab, the alt and az are the actual altitude and azimuth of your telescope non-dependent on the mount type.  SInce you're using an alt/az, it should be pretty close, but based on your pointing model, etc.
in the COntroller Stuff, it's "R/A OR Azimuth", or "Dec OR Altutude".  I've been changing this nomenclature to Primary axis and Secondary axis.  Again, in your case it should be pretty close.
But it sounds like if the azimuth is reading wrong, you need to go to SkyView, and sync on a known object (after pointing to it). Then it will read properly.


On Mon, Aug 23, 2021 at 5:02 PM Mark Copper <mlcopper@...> wrote:
In my version of SiTechExe (v3.9) "azimuth" is given both in the numbers tab and in the controller information window. However, it doesn't seem to be user configurable, either directly or by syncing to a star whose azimuth is known to the program.

Well, I could physically rotate the base of my alt/az scope. Should I?


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