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Dan Gray

I just sent out a post, I'm going to duplicate it here.

You need to make the motor directions strictly the following.
1. Point the counterweight to the west side.  I call this "Looking West".  Don't run SiTechExe, it fusses with the motor directions when crossing the pole.  So if you were running SiTechExe, reboot the controller to clear out any inversions SiTechExe may have made (note ServoConfig does not do this).
2. Press the up button.  The scope should move to the north.
3. Press the right button, the scope should move to the west.

So, Don is correct, SiTechExe switches directions whenever SiTechExe thinks the declination is crossing the north pole (if you live north of the equator).
If you're "looking east", (counterweight to the west) (or if it's initialized wrong and SiTechExe "Thinks" it's "looking East",  the push buttons for the declination are backwards.

On Sun, Aug 22, 2021 at 3:25 PM Don W <westergren@...> wrote:
Hi Nigel,

Where in the sky is you scope pointed?  If it is pointed below the pole the Dec motion is reversed.  Try pointing the scope straight up at the zenith to check the motion.  If that motion is reversed, then reverse the switches in Servo Config.
Don W

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