Re: Mount not initialized

Dan Gray

HI Yoro,
You need to make the motor directions strictly the following.

1. Point the counterweight to the west side.  I call this "Looking West".  Don't run SiTechExe, it fusses with the motor directions when crossing the pole.  So if you were running SiTechExe, reboot the controller to clear out any inversions SiTechExe may have made (note ServoConfig does not do this).
2. Press the up button.  The scope should move to the north.
3. Press the right button, the scope should move to the west.

Make sure that the scope is initialized and accurate before performing a "Set Park".


On Mon, Aug 23, 2021 at 9:44 AM Don W <westergren@...> wrote:
Hi Yoro,
Your description of the Park position indicates that position is an ambiguous position.  You are pointing the scope at the north horizon, what is missing is whether it is looking east or looking west.  If the mount guesses wrong, it will go the wrong way.  I don't know where your "Home" is.  If you move (set) the park position to be 1 degree above the horizon then the ambiguity is not there.  Then the mount will know the "side of pier".
Don W

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