Mount not initialized


Hi to all!

Take #2 on this SiTech setup. 10-04 on this first question (initializing mount), as answered by Dan. Now, seems I'm missing a parameter with Sitech here...mount is in PARK position (after SET PARK), scope horizontally placed on left of pier, and counterweights at right, but when I try to place the telescope on  HOME
position it goes downwards, so I had to invert the motor and encoders direction just to get the scope in the HOME position. Never had this problem with my old mount! 
The Planewave Edit Config parameters are OK as far as location of scope and such are concerned. Telescope info OK/Geographical location info OK/Comm port(5) OK/German EQ selected/Cascade Mode selected/using USB instead of RS-232 on Planewave Instrument controler, etc,etc.
So my question is: Is it normal to have to check INVERT MOTOR ENCODER DIRECTION and INVERT MOTOR DIRECTION to simply move the telescope in the right direction. Otherwise, the scope went downwards???
My location is on the WEST side (70° longitude) and latitude is at 45° North.
Like said, I'm a newbie at adjusting SiTech parameters...
So if someone can send me printscreens (SiTech parameters)  to get me on the right track with these adjustments, or some answer concerning scope direction, would immensely appreciate! I've indeed read the SiTech document but something evidently eludes me on this matter.
Currently involved in observation projects, so I have to configure this new setup in order to precisely point a target and do time series, and such!

Again, best regards to this community!

Roger Venne
Frontenac, QC. Canada
BTW, a picture of my new setup included...

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