Mount not initialized


Hello to all,

Being a newcomer to this group, just hope you will forgive these first steps towards reaching optimal parameters for my new Planewave 200hr mount using the SiTech controler. I also have further questions pertaining to optimal settings, but first things first!
Purchased a hand pad (was missing, but that's another story!) from SiTech, and proceeded forward.
After downloading and installing SiTech and related Planewave stuff , I launched the controler. The controler went in the INITIALIZING mode, but after 4 or 5 seconds, it came up with a NOT INITIALIZED response. Problem surely lies in front of the screen here! Must have missed something...
PLS disregard CONTROLER INFO/PAN commands, as this printscreen was taken afterwards!
In any case, your take on this will assure that I'm going in the right direction ;-) this being the first of a couple of issues (later!).

Best regards to everyone.
Roger Venne
Frontenac Qc. Canada

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