Re: "siteching" a Celestron CI-700?

Joshua Hufford

Well, free is certainly good! 

I would certainly try not to image with the C14 on this mount, I think that would really be pushing it. 

The other poor design of this mount is the clutch system, the tighter you make the clutch the more friction there is to movement of each axis and more load on each motor. From what I understand the clutches are actually designed to slip when you want to move the scope to a new target, then the scope begins to track again when you stop moving. 

Honestly, if the drives still work on the mount, I would probably just use it for visual observing with the stock drive, this mount is not the best candidate for converting to GOTO. 

BTW I believe I have mounting brackets for encoders if you would be interested, the encoders have been repurposed, but I still have the brackets. 

It is neat that you designed the Kendrick Dew controller, I think it is a fantastic unit. I actually have 2 of them, both bought used. One of them has a failure, either the temperature or humidity doesn't sense properly (don't remember which one now). My friend Anthony uses it and just sets the heat percentage manually. The other one I have still works perfectly. I always thought this was a great design, great job! I don't think they are sold any more? 


On Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 7:26 AM Dave Lane <dave@...> wrote:
Thanks Joshua, for the detailed reply and pictures. I originally thought it might have been built by Losmandy, but my googling would indicate it was Celestron's first attempt after reselling/rebranding the G11. The mount is free to me - a fellow is giving me a long unused C-700 + C14 from the mid 90s. I expect it really is not beefy enough for a C14, except for visual use. I'm also getting a couple of what looks like un-used Meade Pictor CCD cameras :-).


ps. I see you have one of the rare Kendrick Premier Power Controllers - that was my design. I never did get one myself. He did not sell many of them based on the royalties that I received!

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