Re: "siteching" a Celestron CI-700?

Joshua Hufford

Hi Dave, it can be done but it isn't easy. To be honest, unless you already have a CI-700 or come across one dirt cheap, I think a better way to go is to use a G-11 and make use of the Gemini motors. My friend Anthony helped me convert mine several years ago, but it took a lot of machine work to make brackets to hold the motors, and a lot of tweaking to make it work well. The mount did image well but I did eventually replaced it with a MI-250, although we still use the CI-700 from time to time for visual observing. One major problem is the worm housing on the CI-700 isn't designed very well and it is pretty much impossible to get rid of the backlash without causing binding, with mine it usually takes 20-30 seconds of tracking to take up the slack if it is slewed in the opposite direction, obviously this isn't a problem when you are only using a tracking motor to drive the RA. Also the clutch design on the CI-700 leaves a lot to be desired. 

The mount does have some decent quality gears, although the PE is a bit large it is smooth and easy to guide out, I produced some great images with my SiTech converted CI-700. 

Here are a few pictures of it, 


On Sun, Aug 8, 2021 at 11:32 AM Dave Lane <dave@...> wrote:
Has anyone converted the drives of a CI-700 to the sitech system? If so,
can you provide some details on what was involved mechanically and what
motors were used?

--- Dave

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