Re: Mesu mount acting up

Dan Gray

Is this a servo1 or servoII?  If servo||, there is a jumper on the servoII board that activates the RS232 instead of the USB.
You have to reboot the controller if you put this jumper on.
You cannot upgrade the firmware with the RS232, otherwise it acts the same.

If you loose communications, there's a button on SiTechExe/Config/ to "Cycle Comm Port"
"alt/dec encoder tracking error"means that the declination scope encoder does not agree with the motor encoder.  If you trust the scope encoder, go to SiTechExe/Features/Controller Stuff.
THere's a button labeled "Set Motor location to Scope ENcoder location"

On Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 1:39 PM dan adi via <> wrote:
Thanks Chuck, but sometimes it just very frustrating. I mean how much one has to spend to have gear that just works ?!  

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