Mesu mount acting up

dan adi

Hey guys, for the last year or so I was waiting for my refractor to be built, so there was no mount activity. (it is placed in a observatory)
Today I put the CW down, telescope looking west about over 30 degrees, cause I have a horizon file built, I powered on the mount, choose a star in the west, sync/init, then stop, then park, then power off.
Then power on, and I get the messages: bad scope column, faking servos, alt/dec encoder tracking error.... 
Also the comm data LED is off, on the sitech II controller. Is it supposed to be off? or glowing red? 
My guess is that I have a communication port error..? 
Also I changed the usb cable, same error. I am running version 0.95A
The strange thing is, when I start the Sitech Config aplication, I am able to read all the data from the controller... 
So what is going on? Any ideas?

PS: I don't know about other Mesu users, but for the last 4 years, I have spent 75% of my clear nights troubleshooting this mount, although I thought this should be a very good mount, It is starting to get on my nerves

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