Re: Mesu PA no view of Celestial Pole #mesu

Erik Stein

I have no view anywhere near the polar region at my location (tiny backyard on south side of my two story home in a light polluted suburb of greater Los Angeles) and initially experienced difficulties achieving polar alignment with my Mesu 200.  There is too much junk in my backyard and my setup is so close to my home's exterior wall that a magnetic compass has proven to be unreliable.  While I found PHD2 superb for fine-tuning my polar alignment, it was all but useless for getting a rough PA.  In order to use PHD2's PA routine, you need to calibrate your mount/equipment.  In order to calibrate your mount, you need a rough polar alignment (chicken or the egg?).  I wasted countless hours getting PA calibration failures in PHD2 before I figured out that my very poor PA was causing too much drift for PHD2 to calibrate.  I eventually had to resort to old school manual drift aligning to get my initial PA.  

I later discovered that the PA assist function in SiTech is extremely useful.  I start blind tracking, offset-init, then let SiTech take control to automatically build a 10+ CalStar model on my poorly aligned system, which tells me how far off my PA is, and gives clues as to which way I need to adjust.  

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