Re: How do I connect SiTech.exe over TCP/IP network to a ZWO ASI533 camera connected to a 2nd laptop?

Rusty Fletcher

Hello Don!

My GPUSB adaptor came in the mail today. I plugged it into a USB port and connected it to the SiTech Controller II. It automatically loaded the USB driver on my laptop and appears to be working correctly. I selected GPUSB in the mount options. The PHD2 software says it is connecting to the mount and working. But now I have another problem. Please keep in mind that I am still doing all these tests with the motors and electronics lying on my desk. In PHD2 there is a tool that allows you to manually guide by pushing N,S,E,W buttons with your mouse. I used this test on the first laptop and zoomed in real close on a single star with "The Sky 6" planetarium Software connected to SiTech.exe. With PHD2 running on the second laptop connected to the SiTech Controller II with the Shoestring GPUSB adapter... I pushed North and the star moved slowly North. When I pushed South the star moved slowly South, When I pushed West the star moved slowly West. The East button does not move the star East. Instead It moves the star West!

At first I thought there must be a problem with the Shoestring GPUSB adapter. Then I thought of another test. I put the SiTech Controller II in "Guide" mode and used the hand-pad to move Up, Down, Left, and Right. It turns out Up, Down, and Left slowly move the star the correct direction accordingly. But the "Right" button (or East)  moves the star to the Left direction (or West). Both "West" and "East" hand-pad buttons slowly guide the star to the West.

When guiding "West" or "East"... both the Hand-Pad and the Shoestring GPUSB adapter move the star the same direction (WEST). It does not do this when the hand-pad is in Slew or Jog mode. Is there a change that needs to be done in the SiTech.exe configuration that will fix this problem?

Additional data... After doing lots of tests in Guide mode... it appears that both PHD2 and the Hand-pad are moving the star slightly slower to the West when I press the "East" button than when I press the actual "West" button. Is there a solution to this problem?

Thank you for any help or advice!

Rusty Fletcher

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