Re: MESU Mount update and acceleration info request

Sedat Bilgebay

Hello Paul,

If you are an imager like me, fast slews and high acceleration shouldn't be that important for you. On an average night, my mount slews long distances only once or twice so the lack of speed doesn't bother me at all.

As explained earlier, the accuracy of the initial slew followed by a high precision centering in max 2 attemps is very rewarding and time saving. 

Let me share a screen shot of the initial settings Lucas prepared for me first...

Here the slew speed is 6 degrees per second and default acceleration is 2 dpsps. I reduced the slew speed to 1 dps and the accelaration down to 0.3 (which seems to be the minimum) and have been using the mount for the last 3-4 years without any ill effects on the performance or the health of the mount. Hope these help.

Meanwhile, the drive shaft is working at 2000:1 reduction. The motor was able to drive my very heavy setup even when the drive shaft was fully disconnected thanks to the friction due to the applied pressure against the drive disc. So I dont think your problem is caused by carrying a C14 on the mount. After all the mount is declared to be capable of carrying 100 kgs of payload excluding the counterweights. 

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