Re: Servo Config Comm Connect failure #question

Russell R

Hi Ralf,

Are you using a serial port, a serial to usb converter cable or serial dongle on usb port?  Could it be a cable issue?

Normally, the serial port is straightforward.  In Device Manager, disable the serial port momentarily, then enable it again.  Does it work now?

I was looking through my notes and I suggest to reload the firmware (3.9) for your Servo I.  Make sure you backup the .car files or have those settings recorded somewhere.  Normally, you won't loose the settings after a firmware update.
Instructions for this is on page 80 & 81 of

Here is the basic setup for Focuser & Rotator. 

The SiTech Controller must have it's address set to "1" instead of "3" as was in the SiTechExe software.

This is done with the "Misc and Action" tab of ServoConfig/Edit Parameters. 

Be sure to set up the proper comm port in ServoCommunicator 

Each ServoCommunicator can connect to one SiTech Servo Controller. 

Now, you can connect 1 or 2 focusers to SiTech Communicator, or, 1 focuser and 1 rotator to ServoCommunicator. 

No need to run the ServoCommunicator, the focuser or rotator software will run it for you. 

The Rotator MUST be connected to the Altitude/Declination axis of the Servo Controller. 

The First Focuser MUST be connected to the Azimuth/RightAscension of the Servo Controller. 

If you want to use 2 focusers, then you can't use a rotator. 

To operate the 2nd focuser, connect the servo motor to the altitude/declination axis of the servo controller, run the batch file called:

SiTechFocuser2.bat.   It needs to be in the folder C:/Program Files (x86)/SiTech/ServoCommunicator.

Note: You MUST run SiTechFocuser.exe BEFORE you run SiTechFocuser2.bat, or you won't be able to run SiTechFocuser.exe for the 1st focuser. 

Once you have your focuser motor(s) connected to the ServoI or ServoII controller, you MUST configure the controller using ServoConfig. 

The most important parameter is the Ticks Per Motor Revolution.

They need to be configured for ticks per INCH of focuser motion. 

You can find this out with a ruler, move the focuser 1 inch and see the ticks difference in ServoConfig 

The other items are the Slew speed, Pan Speed, and Acceleration, and important, the current limit. 

 Hope this helps!
 Russell R.

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