Re: MESU Mount update and acceleration info request

Don W

Hi Paul,

The acceleration loads can be reduced by setting the values for "Default Acceleration" in Servo Config on the Motors/Encoders tab of the Edit Parameters section.  The single value for this parameter controls both acceleration and deceleration.  Changing the value of the "dpsps" box to a lower number is what to do.

I don't know what the value is set for by Lucas on your Mesu Mount.  Values higher than 1.0 dpsps on both RA and Dec probably won't seem to be obvious to you.  Values set less than 1.0 (like 0.5 or less) will be noticeable and might make guiding sluggish.  But if you have a setting like 4.0 or greater, then reducing then a value reduction can have a significant reduction in the load with a large telescope.  A C-14 is big, but relatively short, so it's moment of inertia is a lot lower than say a 6 foot long refractor.

So try setting a lower number for "Default Acceleration" and then see if you can tell if it "slows down" your slews.
Don W

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