Re: Mesu 200 - Sitech II, lost all the Servo config data all of a sudden

Sedat Bilgebay

Hello Paul, lowering the acceleration is helping a lot with avoiding the slip in the drive system which in turn allows for more accurate slews and quicker centering with much greater accuracy. My system is able to center with 1 pixel accuracy at even 0.3" plate scale. 

Meanwhile, my RA shaft got loose in 2019 but was still driving the rest of the discs thanks to the tension  against the drive disc and the friction this created. iI was hard to realize this since guiding was correcting the errors mostly. The only issue was the tracking speed needed to be adjusted depending on where the scope was pointing at. Long story short, I dismantled the motor and saw that the drive pin was very very loose :) I asked Lucas to sell me a new motor but he insisted that I should return the motor to Holland. Sending anything for repairs and receiving it back from abroad is a very costly and complicated procedure in Turkey. So I had to repair the motor my self. The mount is running perfectly since then and even better than it's original condition. I guess the original drive pin had some runout because when rotated the the RA axis I was able to hear a non uniform, knocking sound.. now the sound is very uniform at every position and my guiding also shows that. In good seeing I'm able to go as kow as 0.3" RMS. Even had 0.26" for a couple hours when my seeing allowed.

By the way, I glued the drive pin to the motor coupling with the help of a centering jig I manufactured for this purpose. The stuff I used for gluing is Chemlock's Lock 38. Did and incredible job. Press fitting etc would be too risky for me without knowing the specifics of the motor and the encoder assy. 

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