Re: How do I connect SiTech.exe over TCP/IP network to a ZWO ASI533 camera connected to a 2nd laptop?

Don W

Hi Rusty,
Since your main concern is to separate the guiding functions from the mount control and imaging, putting the guider on a separate PC is only possible if that PC is not using ASCOM to connect to the mount control.  The only way I know to do this is to use the "old" ST-4 style commands which are simple timing on-off signals.  SiTech servo II has a "guider port" which does this.

Many autoguiders have a port to connect directly to the SiTech controller that use this system.  PHD2 can also use this port using a GPUSB adapter made by Shoestring.  This system only sends guide commands to SiTech controllers, it does not allow anything except guide commands (no slewing or any other commands).  It would allow you to use two PC's by simply separating the guider from all ASCOM connections.

Basically the ST-4 guider system sends timed on-off signals on 4 lines to either move north-south (Dec) or East-West (RA).  The timing signal "ON" time lets the mount move at your designated  guide speed (1x = sidereal, or 15 arcsec per sec).  These correction signals are very short, typically  making corrections of 0.2 or more arc-sec.

So get a GPUSB adapter and you can run PHD2 on your separate PC.

Don W

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