Re: How do I connect SiTech.exe over TCP/IP network to a ZWO ASI533 camera connected to a 2nd laptop?

T. van Hees

On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 01:58 AM, Rusty Fletcher wrote:
Hello Don!

I like your Idea! If I understand everything correctly, I would connect my Meade DSI II Camera (That I use for auto-guiding) to the first computer running PHD auto-guiding software with a connection directly to the guider port on the SiTech Controller II box... I think that is what you are suggesting. Then connect the primary imaging camera to a second computer which would also run SiTech.exe. I could connect the primary imaging camera to SiTech.exe because the software for both would be running on the same computer. My goal is to have each camera connected to a separate computer to speed up the image download time... especially the auto-guiding image download time... and still be able to send auto-guiding commands... and Go-to, Sync, Park, and other commands from each computer to the telescope. In this scenario the second computer controls the primary imaging camera and would be the one on which I would run PlateSolve, PointXP, and "The Sky 6". If this works this is a great solution!

A few questions:

How would I connect the computer running the PHD auto-guiding software directly to the guide port on the SiTech Controller II? I think that is basically a ST-4 guiding port... correct? Will I need to buy some type of adapter?

Also... will the guide port work as well and as fast as using pulse guiding? With Mel Bartel's system I have always used pulse guiding.

Will the SiTech Controller II system support a connection that controls the telescope from one computer connected directly to the guide port, and a second computer connected through the USB port simultaneously? 




I would first try to find out where the bottleneck in your current system is - sorry if this is the wrong thread for that, I could not find the one discussing it.

I do not know the specs of your laptop but I am quite sure you do not need a $1400 setup to run your imaging sessions, especially not for DSO with the cameras you are using: People are using Raspberry PIs for that (me, too).

For my main imaging rig I am getting by with a 4 year old NUC (Intel i5-7260U Dual-Core, 8GB RAM, cheap 1TB SATA SSD), it cost me 600€ (with a smaller SSD and a spinning disk at the time). Any entry-level laptop with a recent i3 processor should best these specs (The first result on Amazon is a Dell for 500€ - there are certainly better deals). It works fine even for planetary imaging at up to 100fps (the SATA SSD is the bottleneck here). Downloads from the guiding cam (ASI290MM or QHY 294M) are instant, CPU load never exceeds 20%.

I do not know TheSkyX as I automate my setup with Voyager or SGP, but as it is not really recent tech I do not think it would be the resource hog. If it is, as a free alternative, many people are very happy with NINA, which could replace TheSkyX for planning and automating your sessions.

Which process exactly is keeping your CPU so busy and how high is your RAM usage? Maybe the CPU is swapping image data to the hard drive during downloads.

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