Re: How do I connect SiTech.exe over TCP/IP network to a ZWO ASI533 camera connected to a 2nd laptop?

Rusty Fletcher

Hello Don!

I like your Idea! If I understand everything correctly, I would connect my Meade DSI II Camera (That I use for auto-guiding) to the first computer running PHD auto-guiding software with a connection directly to the guider port on the SiTech Controller II box... I think that is what you are suggesting. Then connect the primary imaging camera to a second computer which would also run SiTech.exe. I could connect the primary imaging camera to SiTech.exe because the software for both would be running on the same computer. My goal is to have each camera connected to a separate computer to speed up the image download time... especially the auto-guiding image download time... and still be able to send auto-guiding commands... and Go-to, Sync, Park, and other commands from each computer to the telescope. In this scenario the second computer controls the primary imaging camera and would be the one on which I would run PlateSolve, PointXP, and "The Sky 6". If this works this is a great solution!

A few questions:

How would I connect the computer running the PHD auto-guiding software directly to the guide port on the SiTech Controller II? I think that is basically a ST-4 guiding port... correct? Will I need to buy some type of adapter?

Also... will the guide port work as well and as fast as using pulse guiding? With Mel Bartel's system I have always used pulse guiding.

Will the SiTech Controller II system support a connection that controls the telescope from one computer connected directly to the guide port, and a second computer connected through the USB port simultaneously? 



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