Re: Mesu 200 - Sitech II, lost all the Servo config data all of a sudden

Sedat Bilgebay

Hello Chuck,

I have the back ups for both the .car and .cfg files. There were no electrical disturbances or power cut off at this time and the weather is beautiful these days. This is really mysterious. The only thing I can think of is this: I'm using the mount remotely via Splashtop through my Mac, ipad or iphone. When I use my ios devices, I need to press the direction buttons 3 times in quick succession and sometimes I press 4-5 times :) Maybe this triggers a "reset" function in the controller. This is exactly what happened prior to the problem, I pressed the screen 4-5 times accidentally then I ran into the problem.

Last time I flashed the eeprom was in 2015 when the mount was brand new and Sitach DEC led started blinking for some unknown reason. At that time Dan had kindly sent V93.bin together with the some instructions and since then I had no problem related to Sitech. It just runs perfectly.

Last night all went well... we will see.

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