Re: Mesu 200 - Sitech II, lost all the Servo config data all of a sudden


Sorry for your problem!   Sitechexe will create a “new” Sitech.CFL file if it cannot find one. Sounds like the previous Sitech.cfg may have gotten corrupted?   Do you do backups on your PC?


On Jun 6, 2021, at 9:33 AM, Sedat Bilgebay <bilgebay@...> wrote:

Dear group,

This is a 5 year old Mesu 200. I have no clue as to what caused this hiccup but it's happening to me for the first time.  As usual, the other day, I was preparing for the night and when I pushed the East button on the Sitech.exe the mount started slewing to west  at full speed. So I stopped playing with the buttons and started Servo Config to check the parameters... My settings can be seen in the first image below but what I found were the values in the second screenshot:



I reloaded the orijinal .car file to the controller then edited  a few of them with the values in the top image. I am using the mount at slow speeds and with much less acceleration than originally configured by Lucas.

Now the mount is back to normal and running perfectly. 

Has any of you experienced a similar situation ? What could be the reason behind this. As I said, this is happening to me first time in 5 years of operation. This seemed to me like the AP mounts' internal battery failure where the mounts is not able to hold the user adjusted parameters and reverts to a default configuration. I know Sitech stores this info in a NV memory but then how on earth this hiccup occurred ?

Thank you for reading and sharing your experiences/comments with me.

Clear skies

Sedat Bilgebay

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