Re: Track past Meridian 95p


Ok, just ran a test on the mount. I was east of the meridian, slewed to a star just east of the meridian, I believe I was above the pole (I think that is depicted in sky view as a solid blue line running east to west?) as the mount reached the Meridian I did not get any aural warning that I was approaching the Meridian limit, when the mount reached the Meridian it initiated as slew command (don"t know where to??) the mount oscillated east and west for about 2 seconds then the tracking stopped. I pressed the start tracking and the mount tracked to the 8 deg limit mark. as it approached I did get the nearing the Meridian limit warning and when it reached the 8 deg it stopped tracking.
I noticed that in the sky view the Meridian is depicted by a blue line running north to south. I also have a dashed green line running north to south about a degree east of the Meridian (blue line) 
What does that depict?, and could that be causing the slew command or stopping the tracking just prior to crossing the Meridian?. 

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