Re: Track past Meridian 95p


Hi Don, thanks for the reply. Its my understanding that Voyager's lodgic is to allow the mount to track past the Maridian then after the set delay (so the target has crossed) it issues a goto that will cause the mount to flip
I read in another thread here that these settings worked in Voyager for his Mitsu mount.
I entered these settings expecting the mount to track past the Meridian , after the set delay time Voyager would issue a goto. What happened is when the target reached the Meridian the mount stopped tracking, it didnt continue trackingĀ  past the Meridian (8deg) as was set in the mount parameters. I changed the west limit to -175:00:00 and the track past was left at 8. I ran the same script and the mount continued trackiing past the Meridian. After the set delay in Voyager, the target was west of the Meridian, (it hadnt reached the -175 limit yet) and voyager issued the goto. The mount did not flip.
I ran several tests today using just sitech. If I do a goto using skyview to a target east of the Meridian, west limit set at -180:00:00, and the track past set to 8deg. The mount, when it gets to the Meridian will stop or initiate a goto flip on its own.
Its my understanding that with those settings the mount should do nothing but contiue to track when it gets to the Meridian and stop 8 deg west.(with no Goto or Track auto flip checked). (Is this correct?)
With the same settings and Goto auto flip checked, if the mount did track pass the Meridian and the target was west of the Meridian, and a goto was initiated, the mount should flip. (Is this correct?)
The only way I can get the mount to continue to track pass the Meridian with these settings is to stop the mount from tracking or slewing while east of the Meridian then start the tracking again. At that point it will track to What ever I have set in the track pass setting and stop.
This is using only Sitech, nothing else conected or running.

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