Re: Track past Meridian 95p


I did some playing around today and I'm mor confused than I was before. I started with the above settings (the GEM Auto flip Goto box checked), using the sky view in sitech (nothing else connected to the mount) I did a goto to a star just east of the Meridian. The mount was traking and when it got to the Meridian IT initiated a flip on its own! The Gem Auto flip TRACK was Not checked.
The track past meridian limits were clearly displayed (and reflected the correct track past meridian limit) in the sky view.
I stopped the mount from flipping then manually slewed the mount to a point just east of the Meridian and started the tracking. The mont tracked pass the Meridian to the 8 deg limit that was set in the config, and stopped. I could repeat this every time. It seems that if any goto issued, the mount would track to the maridian, the initiate its own flip at the Meridian, not the track past setting. If I stop the tracking maually slew to a point east, the mount will behave as it should in the settings.
After doing that I rolled back to 95N and it did the same as above. ??

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