Track past Meridian 95p


Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I can't get SiTech to track past the Meridian..
In my mount parameters (GEM) meridian limits are set to
Over Pole.                               Under Pole
00:00:00.      Marid west.     -180:00:00
00:00:00.      Marie east.       180:00:00

08:00:00.    Track past Meridian Overlap

In the sky view it shows the proper limits. If I change the track past maridian setting it also shows the change in the sky view.. With only Sitech running and nothing else connected to the mount, no matter what I set the track past the maridian, the tracking will stop at the Meridian, and not track past the deg set in the track past maridian box.
I can set the Meridian west limit to -178:00:00 and it will track past the Meridian fine, but with the GEM Auto flip go to checked if I initiate a goto west of the Meridian within the -178 limit, the mount wont flip.
Am I wrong in thiking that if the west limit is set to -180:00:00 and the track past the Meridian Overlap is set to 08:00:00 that the mount should track 8 deg past the Meridian before it stops tracking.....  What am I missing?
Ive read till my eyes fell out and have run at least 15 test scripts trying to get the mount to flip properly with Voyager, and I'm clueless....

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