Re: Connecting The Sky 6 with Servo Controller II


I have been using TheSky6 with my ServoII controller for years without a problem. There are a few things I've found that need to be in place before it will work.
Make sure you have installed the current ASCOM platform and the the Sitec ascom driver.

First- You need to make sure you are running TheSky6 ver. or later. TheSky6 isn't supported by Bisque any more, so I don't know where you could get the uipdate if you need it. (PM me if you need it I might be able to send it)

Second- Go to the Ascom Download/Plugins, and download  "TheSky™ ASCOM Telescope (TeleAPI) Plug-In for TheSky 5/6 (5.0.4)" and install it.

There is a guide within the download that will tell you how to use it. Basically once the plugin is installed, in TheSky6 go to the Telescope Setup, scroll down and select "Telescope API"
Click the settings under "telescope API" it will bring up the ASCOM Telescope Chooser. There you can select the "Si TechDll Telescope". Check that the properties are correct (COM port ect) and click OK.
Once that is done you can close the Telescope Setup and connect.
That's what works for me, hope it helps,

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