Re: Unable to connect guider via “Telescope”

Ross Salinger

"ASCOM Direct connects to an ASCOM telescope driver, and uses the PulseGuide method to send autoguider commands to the telescope. Normally this is done through the Telescope option, so that it goes through the Observatory Control window. The ASCOM Direct option allows you to use a separate driver to send the autoguider commands, or to use a driver that supports only PulseGuide."

I used this when running under ACP, where the guider settings are held in ACP and NOT in MaximDL. Don't know of any other use for it.


On 5/28/2021 3:55 PM, Don W wrote:
Hi Dan,
What camera control software are you using - MaximDL?  SBIG is now part of the Maxim Diffraction Limited company, so Maxim should work fine.

The SBIG remote guide head is a separate camera that needs it's own guide scope - it is not an OAG unless you put it on an OAG.  I don't think the STX design has the old Built-in guider chip.  Instead they use an OAG adapter/camera which is a bolt-on system.  It adds 1.1 inches to the optic train, so you probably don't have room for it.

I don't know the difference between Ascom Direct and Telescope.  I always use Telescope setting in Maxim, but I don't have any SBIG cameras.  I have never had Ascom Direct working.

The physical set up of the camera has nothing to do with Ascom Direst vs Telescope.  Those are software issues.

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