Re: Connecting The Sky 6 with Servo Controller II

Don W

Hi Rusty,

Actually, I am making some suggestions for you based on my 13 years using SiTech and TheSky6.

Don’t connect TheSky6 to SiTech.  You don’t need to, and the capability to use it isn’t very useful.

Basically, TheSky is useful separate from SiTech as a planning tool.  TheSky6 shows the sizes of most objects and the local star fields so it is very useful to determine how the objects relate to your field of view.  TheSky6 also shows you when the objects are transiting your site and when they are available in the local sky.  You can do this in the daytime and print out a page with the star fields for reference.

A far more useful tool for moving the mount around the sky is the built-in SkyView in SiTech.  Using the PC clock and your location, SkyView shows your local sky horizon to horizon and is well integrated with SiTech controls to move around the sky to almost any object also available in TheSky6.  All solar system objects are there plus SkyView automatically sets the tracking rates for these objects – especially the Moon and planets out to Jupiter (plus all the asteroids and comets).

SkyView doesn’t show the size of DSO’s compared to TheSky.  So I print out TheSky6 view with the FOV indicator during the day, then at night use SkyView to go to the object and center the target referenced to the star field.  SkyView lets you zoom in and you can set the magnitude limits of the stars to match your TheSky print.  You can set up your FOV indicator in SkyView to match you camera or eyepiece.

Try SkyView (you can set SiTech to automatically show and use SkyView eac startup).  Plus you can use SkyView now to initialize the mount (for your table-top servos now).  I don’t know what kind of mount you plan to have, but using SkyView will go a long way to teach you how to setup SiTech and its limits and controls.

BTW, welcome to the SiTech world on this forum.  You can expect any questions you have to be answered by very experienced SiTech users across the world.

Don W

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