Connecting The Sky 6 with Servo Controller II

Rusty Fletcher

Before using the Servo Controller 1... I decided to upgrade to the Servo Controller II. Dan was so gracious to let me upgrade. So I am still trying to figure all this out. The physical upgrade to my telescope (installing the servo motors) is not yet complete so I am playing with the Controller II connected to the servo motors (lying on my desk). I connected to my computer through the Controller II USB port. How do I connect The Sky 6 Planetarium Software to the Controller II? I have used it for years with Mel Bartels "Scope" software (DOS based program running on a separate laptopĀ  that connects through a 9 pin serial port) and it works fine... but how do I connect it to SiTech.EXE? I am using the ASCOM SiTech.EXE driver running on a Windows 7 Pro 64 bit laptop. Thank you for any help or advice!


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