Re: ServoConfig/Ticks Determination Problem

Raphael T Vilardi

Hi Don

Thanks for the comments. However the situation is the following:  when I check  the box Azimuth and input 360° for instance and hit the second button, two things happen as the mount starts to move: 1) one can clearly see that the angles displayed do not correspond to the physical movement (I had a laser attached to the mount and pointed at a target hanging on the wall as the start and finish point and I could  easily track the red dot movement); for instance you are visually at, roughly 45° and the angles count would show 90° . 2)  the slew would stop at 180°, regardless of 360° number input, as if it would have completed the full circle. And the encoders TPR would also show the figure expected for a full circle. I’m pretty sure of this figure as I know the encoders quadrature ticks, the gearbox exact reduction and the main gear number of teeth (500 X 4 X 50 X 220 = 22,000,000). There is no way this number of TPR could be reached with a 180° turn. The system is actually counting both in double.

And if this data is  transferred to the Servo Controller, it could explain the strange behavior I've noticed yesterday; when hitting the go to button the telescope would slew and stop halfway as if it would have completed twice the angular distance between the starting point and the selected object.. How can I fix this?

Best regards

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