Re: saving the tracking change to the controller

Gary Hug

Thanks for the clarification Dan. I imagine the tracking rate is determined almost totally by the ticks/revolution numbers in SiTechExe. And I'm also guessing the tracking rate would be adjusted to some degree by changing the servo clock numbers? Is that a way to fine tune the tracking rate?
I've never used offset tracking but I'm going to try the offset tracking mode on a few NEO's in the near future. SiTech's been a great system for my 22" 'tank' for more than a decade.


On 4/29/2021 11:31 AM, Dan Gray wrote:
Hi Gary and Don,
The equatorial rate is designed only for stand alone operation, no computer..
When you have a rate here, and checkbox the Equatorial, the Servo Controller starts up tracking at the rate you specify.
If you run SiTechExe, the equatorial rate has absolutely zero effect on the tracking, as soon as SiTechExe sends a motion command, the equatorial rate is stopped.
The rate now comes from motion commands from SiTechExe.
On Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 3:54 PM Gary Hug < <>> wrote:
Thanks for the information Don.
I'll work on that a bit more when skies clear.
On 4/27/2021 8:28 AM, Don W wrote:
> Hi Gary,
> In ServoConfig when changing the Equatorial Rate, you then must both "Send
> Configuration to Controller" and "Save Controller Configuration to Flash
> When you run SiTechexe and watch the value for RA, it won't change the RA
> shown at the bottom of the SiTech window nor in the SkyView display.  The
> way to check if the rate has actually changed is to track a star in the sky.
> However there is another way to modify the tracking rate (separate from
> ServoConfig), in SiTechexe you can use Offset Tracking Rates in the Features
> Tab.  This will definitely change your tracking rates, but it can not be
> for another session.
> Don W

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