Re: A question for Don

Dan Gray

The absolute encoder checkbox should not be used unless both encoders are absolute.  The only effect on the system is when you start SiTechExe, it reads the encoders and saved offsets and starts up initialized, no need to unpark or sync on a star or something.

On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 8:01 PM Russell R via <> wrote:
Hi Dan H,

From what I see, if you shoot from the hip, I definitely don't want to get in a gun battle with you! 

Regarding the absolute check box, I'm not sure, maybe Don knows.  If it was me, I would tick the box and see what happens. I live on the edge.
I keep looking at that Dec clamp....... I'm assuming it is to stop the Dec axis from freewheeling?   It would be good if you could put that Renishaw in that spot and somehow make a brake on that stacked harmonic drive.
Now look at who's shooting from the hip. ;-)

I always wondered if split rings have a problem with eccentricity on the ring, is that an issue?

Well done and thanks for sharing those photos!!

Russell R.

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