Re: saving the tracking change to the controller

Gary Hug

Actually I'm not sure if the controller recognizes the tracking rate change but it is not changing the rate in the SiTech.exe program.

On 4/27/2021 1:56 AM, Gary Hug wrote:
Ive got another very basic question that I probably should already know the answer.
While I can change the tracking rate in the Servo config program and could see the motor change the rate, I tried to save that configuration to the servo controller II but the tracking rate didn't change when using the Servo Controller II.  Do I need to use (reset the SiTech Technology Controller)?
I tried to save the configuration in the controller by using (send the configuration to controller) but that didn't seem to change the tracking rate through the controller.  I also tried (save controller configuration to Flash ROM) but no joy there either.
sorry for all the silly questions but I haven't had to change much in the last decade and I have a 40mb hard drive in a 40 terabyte world.

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